Finally! The Kitchen You’ve Always Wanted!

It took us months to get this built. Almost every day, someone would ask me, “Is the kitchen done yet? Well, now it is!

The Ultimate Swingers Kitchen from Debauchery goes on sale today!

The Ultimate Swingers Kitchen is a gorgeous kitchen to look at, but even more fun to play with! It is only 37 LI fully loaded and comes packed with 382 hot animations for up to 3 people. You can sit around the built-in breakfast table eating eggs and bacon, have wine or beer, of socialize. Feel like doing some cooking, hop up and make dough, cook at the stove, check the oven or masturbate on the counters.

Making pizzas for later, while frying up some eggs. Eggs on pizza! Yum!
Having a beer with the neighbor. What could possibly happen?

Get carried away?

No problem! You can have sex standing up, sitting on the stools, bent over the counters or climb up there and get it on!

“Oh my God! This is the hottest fucking kitchen I’ve ever seen!” – Reagan

Includes hot motion capture and bento-enabled poses from the best animators in SL. All the poses come with Aeros Cock and It’s NOT Mine! Body Cum System integration. That means, when you pick a pose, the cock angle should automatically adjust to the best possible setting.

She kneels and starts to jack his cock, while her husband is seated nearby!

If oral sex is your thing, there is no shortage of some of the hottest sucking and licking poses in any of our suite of products RIGHT HERE.

She’s so wet, they’ll need a mop!

But, we too no shortcuts on fucking… these poses will blow your mind and your load!

He takes her on the countertop!

You can use it for roleplaying, to decorate your house or just for the raw naughtiness of having sex in the kitchen! Use it in your own porn videos!

But, wait! Not only does it have some of the hottest Male-Female sex poses, but you can easily swap the guy fucking her with the guest… just one click to swap Men. Into girls? No problem! The guest can be male or female! There are both a full set of Lesbian poses, with the guy watching and wanking, or you can do hot Girl-Guy-Girl Threesomes!

Girls get it on as the guy waits his turn.
Tired of waiting, he invites the ladies to have a seat. They do!

But, we’re not limited to just FFM threesomes. If she’s hungry for two cocks, then this kitchen has the meal for her!

She likes it when they fill both holes!

A Texture Changer is included, that you can get to from the menus when seated or by clicking on the BACKSPLASH at any time. Here are some samples of the textures:

We are very proud of this new product. It is available starting August 30, 2019 on Marketplace and at our In-World Stores at the unbelievable price of L$1,999!!!

Get yours today!

See it in world at our Debauchery Furniture Store!

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