Camping Orgy Anyone?

Debauchery Furniture is proud to announce the release of its first ever orgy campfire set. It features a gorgeous set of 4 seating areas for 2 people (one male & one female) at each location, a fire that can be turned on and off, texture changers for the cushions, as well as all of our standard features.

  • Features include:
    • Operate Lovense-brand sex toys on all sex poses for all users, both male and female!
    • Aeros Cock integration, including Aeros Apollo
    • P Physics Cock Integration
    • V Bento Vagina Integration
    • Face animations for users of the Physics Cock and Bento Vagina HUDs
    • Bento face animations for everyone else
    • It’s NOT Mine and It’s NOT All Mine integrations

This campfire features solo poses for all 8 users, including sits and masturbation poses. It also features couples poses for each of the four male/female couples. But, you can also mix it up and have the girls play by themselves with a variety of hot lesbian poses. Not to be outdone, the men, if so inclined, can also play with a set of gay poses.

If things get really hot, you can mix it up even more with both a Guy-Girl-Guy and Girl-Guy-Girl threesome at the same time! You can even get everyone involved in two simultaneous four-person orgies! can get this product in our in world store or on Marketplace.