New Release! Debauchery Ultimate Glory Hole!

Debauchery Furniture, in association with MetaverseX, is proud to announce the release of our FIRST EVER, 4-person glory hole!

Debauchery Ultimate Glory Hole

We looked around SL and saw the glory holes that were in use. Most are older models with limited integrations and old, pre-bento poses. Most only support two people and have very limited roleplaying possibilities. So, just like we did with our swingers’ furniture, we stepped back and said… “what would we want in a glory hole?”

The result: Debauchery Ultimate Glory Hole! Why Ultimate? Our glory hole uses the best and newest possible animations, many of which are multi-speed and designed for the Physics cock. Then, we added all our bells and whistles, including:

  • Lovense sex toy operation, for all users
  • Physics Cock & Bento Vagina operation
  • Aeros Cock, including Apollo
  • It’s NOT Mine for all users
  • Sex Sounds (for ASA users)
  • Face anims (for ASA users)
  • Custom mesh with texture changer and high quality textures
  • Ability to hide or show the hole cover
  • Support for up to 4 users, with three and four-somes
  • BDSM support for those who want to take it to the next level
  • Cuckold roleplay, including bisexual poses

The Glory Hole is perfect for sex sims, clubs or even private residences where you want some very naughty roleplay. The texture changer allows it to be customized for almost any location.

L$1599 and it is available in-world and at Marketplace, but remember, as always, you save 20% by buying it at our in-world location:

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