Debauchery Lovense Hud

Beginning with the second generation Debauchery Lovense System, Debauchery Lovense-enabled furniture will off you two ways to interact with the Lovense toys.

  1. Legacy Method
  2. Debauchery Lovense Hud

Legacy Method

The original Debauchery Lovense System gave you one way to adjust the toy operations. You could click on the << Softer and Harder>> buttons on the furniture menus to increase the speed and power of the vibrations. This method worked well, but had several limitations. It did not give you a way to access other features of the toys, like rotation, air suction, and built-in patterns. Also, if you applied the Lovense system to furniture that did not have multispeed poses, then the << Softer and Harder>> buttons were not included.

Debauchery Lovense System v2.0 still supports this method, but we changed what it does.

Now, when you click << SOFTER, the intensity or “power” level of the vibrations decreases by one step. If you reach 0, the toy stops vibrating. It does nothing to rotation or suction.

If you click Harder >>, the power level of the vibrations increases by one step.

The vibration levels now go from 0 to 20 on supported toys. If your toy does not go that high, you will not notice any changes above the max for your toy, but others with toys that support 20 levels will.

You can use this method as a HUD-free method of changing vibration levels.

Debauchery Lovense HUD

The big thing with the new Debauchery Lovense System v2.0 is the introduction of the Debauchery Lovense HUD to give you full control over all the features of all the toys that may be used by people on the furniture.

The Debauchery Lovense HUD v1.0.2

Debauchery will provide the Debauchery Lovense HUD in three ways:

  1. Auto-attaching Hud
  2. Standalone Hud for furniture only
  3. Standalone Hud for both furniture and the ability to play without furniture (COMING SOON)

Auto-Attaching Hud

Furniture made for the Debauchery Lovense System v2.0 will include the HUD as a rezzable item that can auto-attach to your avatar. Included in the menus for the furniture is a button labeled “LovenseHUD”. Simply click this button to attach the Hud.

Note: you still need to use the LoveBridge Hud (see How To Connect Debauchery Furniture to Your Real-Life Lovense Sex Toys) to connect the furniture to your toys.

The functions of the auto-attaching and standalone Hud for furniture are identical.

Standalone Hud for Furniture

The Standalone version of the hud will be provided inside the box of furniture, and in a HUD Giver object that you can rezz nearby for people to click on to get their own copy of the standalone hud. The Standalone hud will be NO MOD, COPY YES, TRANS YES, so that you can share it and give it to anyone who wants one.

HUD Functions

The Debauchery Lovense HUD has two modes in one: minimized and maximized. Each style has a corresponding triangular button at the top to switch between minimized and maximized modes. The Minimized mode only allows you to adjust the vibration level for all users on the furniture in steps of 1 or 5, up and down, from 0 (off) to 20 (max).

Minimized HUD

Large buttons change the Vibration level by steps of 5, up and down. Small buttons change the vibration level by steps or 1, up and down, from 0 (off) to 20 (max)

The small triangle in the upper right corner switches to the maximized HUD.

The Maximized HUD

This mode has all the functions available on all toys. Note, not all toys do all the functions.

You can raise and lower vibration intensity (all toys), rotation speed (Nora), and suction speed (Max).

You can also pick one of 4 pre-built patterns to play on supporting toys.

Lastly, you have 3 buttons that only affect you, not everyone to stop, play and pause messages to YOUR toy.

List of Functions:

  1. Minimize/Maximize
  2. Vibration intensity UP by 5
  3. Vibration intensity DOWN by 5
  4. Vibration intensity UP by 1
  5. Vibration intensity DOWN by 1
  6. Rotation Speed UP by 5
  7. Rotation Speed DOWN by 5
  8. Rotation Speed UP by 1
  9. Rotation Speed DOWN by 1
  10. Reverse direction of rotation
  11. Air Suction on Max 2 UP by 1
  12. Air Suction on Max 2 DOWN by 1
  13. Play Pattern 1
  14. Play Pattern 2
  15. Play Pattern 3
  16. Play Pattern 4
  17. Stop Personal Button
  18. Play Personal Button
  19. Pause Personal Button
  20. Mute Button

Minimize / Maximize

Click on the small triangle near the top to switch between minimize and maximize.

Vibration Intensity Up and Down

Click on the larger buttons to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations for all of the people on the furniture from 0 (off) to 20 (max), in steps of either 5 (larger buttons) or 1 (smaller buttons).

Varying intensity of vibrations

Rotation Speed Up and Down

The Lovense Nora toy has the ability to vibrate and rotate. These buttons only affect users of the Nora toy.

Lovense Nora in Use
Lovense Nora

Click on the larger buttons to increase or decrease the speed of the rotation for all of the people on the furniture using the Noral toy from 0 (off) to 20 (max), in steps of either 5 (larger buttons) or 1 (smaller buttons).

Note: these buttons only affect users of the Nora toy.

Reverse Direction of Rotation

This button toggles between clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation for all of the Nora users on the furniture. It has no effect on people not using Nora.

Air Suction Speed Up and Down

The Max 2 toy has the ability to vibrate AND o apply a variable-speed suction effect. These buttons only work for users with MAX 2 toys connected.

Max 2 In Use

Click on the larger buttons to increase or decrease the speed of the rotation for all of the people on the furniture using the Noral toy from 0 (off) to 20 (max), in steps of either 5 (larger buttons) or 1 (smaller buttons).

Note: these buttons only affect users of the Nora toy.

Play Built-in Patterns 1 – 4

Pre-built Patterns

Most Lovense toys include the ability to play four pre-built patterns. You can activate them for all users on the furniture, with toys that support them, by clicking on one of the four pattern buttons. In testing, we found that some toys need you to set the vibration to at least level 1 before clicking on a pattern.

Personal Buttons

The three buttons at the bottom of the Debauchery Lovense Hud are personal buttons that only affect the person who clicks on them and NOT everyone else on the furniture. The buttons are:

  • Stop
  • Play
  • Pause

Stop Button

This button sets YOUR toy into silent mode. While this button is on, it turns RED on the HUD so that you know it is active. While active, your toy does not receive any messages from the furniture and your toy stops vibration, rotating, and sucking. You can use this as a PANIC BUTTON for things like needing to shut off your toy without affecting the other people. You can continue to click the other buttons to control other people’s toys, but yours stays “silent.”.

To resume your toy operation, click the Play button.

Play Button

The PLAY button is the default state of the HUD and toy when you first put it on. This allows your toy to operate without intervention when you first use it. The Play Button is GREEN when active. While it is active, your toy(s) operate normally and receive messages from the furniture.

Pause Button

The PAUSE button is used to temporarily stop all messages to your toy, without affecting the other users. After ten seconds, it automatically reverts to PLAY mode. While paused, the Pause button will be Purple and the PLAY button white. You can click Play at any time to go back to Play mode, but you don’t have to. After 10 seconds, it will go back on its own.

Why use this button?

Say you’re about to climax but you want to wait for the other users to catch up. Simply hit Pause and your toy tops buzzing for ten seconds, then turns back on. If you need more time, hit it again.

Mute Button

The Lovense System notifies users when buttons are clicked, levels are changed, etc. For example, when you click the up and down buttons, you’ll see messages in local chat about the levels changing. These messages are only sent to the people seated on the furniture, to not spam the local area. If you don’t want to get so many messages, you can enable/disable the messages by clicking the MUTE button. Clicking it once disables most Lovense-related chat messages. Clicking the MUTE button again turns them back on.

Attaching & Detaching The Hud

The Auto-attaching hud will automatically attach any time you click the LovenseHUD button while seated on properly configured and equipped Debauchery Furniture or furniture from other vendors using the Debauchery Lovense System.

The auto-attaching hud detaches on its own if you stand up. If it does not detach you can simply right click it and pick detach. To reattach it, go to the furniture menu and pick LovenseHUD again.

For the standalone HUD, simply go to your inventory, right click the standalone HUD and pick Attach. To detach, right click the HUD on your display and pick Detach, from the pie menu.

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