How to Connect Debauchery Lovense Furniture to Your Real-Life Lovense Sex Toys

Combine Real-life Sex Toys with Debauchery Furniture in SecondLife

You now have the amazing ability to connect and control your and other people’s real-life sex toys from Lovense to SecondLife and use them while having sex in SL. While your avatars have virtual sex in SecondLife, you and your RL partner experience synchronized sensations with your Lovense-brand sex toys.

It’s simple to set up and AMAZING to use!

The Connection Flow

Communication Flow from Furniture to Toy

As you can see, there are four parts to the communication flow:

  1. One or more Lovense-brand toys
  2. The Lovense Connect App (not Lovense Remote)
  3. The LoveBridge Hud
  4. Debauchery-brand sex furniture in SecondLife

The furniture does not know anything about your toys or how to talk to them. But, the furniture can send silent messages to your Avatar and anything worn on your avatar, like a HUD, while you are seated on it. So, the furniture sends messages to YOUR AVATAR. The messages are sent to all attachments you are wearing. The LoveBridge HUD must be worn to take the messages the furniture sends and RELAY them to the Lovense Connect App.

Connecting Your Toy to the Furniture

Security in the Lovense Connect app won’t let just anybody send messages to your toys. Users have to have permission to connect and be authorized. And, since we don’t want your username or any other credentials to be shown, we have to make this connection in a secure, safe and hidden way.

Fortunately, the Lovense Connect App provides a way to do this.

Lovense Connect App with 1 Connected Toy

Once you have connected your toy(s) to the Lovense Connect app, you can touch Scan QR code to allow your connected toys to be connected to the Lovense Connect app. You need to get a QR code from LoveBridge that will let you connect.

LoveBridge Hud & QR Code

LoveBridge comes in two ways:

  1. Standalone HUD – you can buy this on Marketplace. It gives you a hud that you can use any time you want and works with our furniture. If you have this you don’t need to use #2.
  2. Temporary HUD – this is obtained by clicking on a Debauchery Lovense Relay Hub kiosk in world. When you click on it, you get two things:
    1. A Link in local chat to a QR code that you scan with the Lovense Connect app.
    2. The LoveBridge HUD attaches to your screen.
The LoveBridge HUD attached to the screen

Debauchery provides the Debauchery Lovense Relay Hub kiosk with all Lovense-enabled Debauchery Furniture. Sims will set the kiosk out, near furniture that uses it. You only need to do this once per furniture. You can get up and move from one furniture to another without rescanning the QR code. It is good for quite a while. You only need to re-scan the QR if it times out. If so, click the Kiosk again the get a new QR code to scan.

Debauchery Lovense Relay Hub v2.1

Once you click the Debauchery Lovense Relay Hub, you then click the link in local chat to see the QR Code. Use your Lovense Connect App to Scan the QR Code you see in your browser after clicking the link in local chat.

Lovense Connect App after scanning QR Code.

Touch Yes to authorize LoveBridge to control your toy(s).

You are now connected and ready to use the furniture and have your toys work.

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