Debauchery Ensenada Living Room Set

Debauchery Furniture is proud to announce the release of their newest product: Debauchery Ensenada Living Room Set!

This seat includes:

  • Debauchery Ensenada Couples Chair
  • Debauchery Ensenada Couples Loveseat
  • Debauchery Ensenada Threesome Sofa
  • Debauchery Ensenada Coffee Table
  • Debauchery Ensenada Side Table

Debauchery Introduces Tip Jar System for Debauchery Furniture and Lovense System 2.0

The new Debauchery Lovense System 2.0 allows us to add some very cool and unique add-ons. The first add-on is a tipping system that will allow you to turn the Lovense feature on and off for each person using the furniture who has a tip jar. When the user signs into the tip jar, the furniture will not send any messages to that user’s Lovense toys until someone pays her a tip. Then, the toys turn on for a set period of time, based on the amount of the tip, then stop again.

Idle Tip Jar Waiting for Performer


Features include

  • Integrates seamlessly with Debauchery Furniture using the Lovense System 2.0
  • Two licensing models:
    • Free Model: there is no charge for the tip jar, however, 1% of all transactions are paid to Debauchery Furniture as a royalty. This works really well for a freelancer who doesn’t want to pay up front for the tip jar.
    • Licensed Model: there is an up-front fee for the tip jar system and Debauchery does not receive any royalties or share of tips.
  • Tip jars can work for general tips, tips based on a duration such as L$XX for YY Seconds, and tips for duration with Lovense turn on for the performer
  • Configurable via notecards
  • Can set the name of the Tip jar that appears in hover text above it
  • Can allow anyone or just members of a group to sign in to the tip jar
  • Can give management rights to configure and manage the tip jar to multiple users
  • Can define who gets paid, in addition to the performer. This includes:
    • Owner Percentage: what percentage of the tip goes to the Owner / House
    • Cut 1 – 3 Percentages: you can add up to 3 more people to receive cuts
    • Note: the performer gets what’s left after the owner and optional cuts are shared
  • Allows owner to create up to 4 different pricing tiers. Each tier includes the following information:
    • Name: Name of the price tier
    • Price: Amount for the tip
    • Duration: How long to play until money runs out. If set to 0, there is no timer.
    • Lovense (Y/N):Whether or not the price tier includes operating Lovense toys.

Setting Up the Tip Jar for Use

The owner of the tip jar rezzes the tip jar next to the furniture with which it will be used. The owner edits the furniture and edits the Config notecard to make changes. If changed and saved, the tip jar will reset itself and load the new Config.

Price Tier vs Pay Buttons

Normally, Second Life provides a payment menu when you attempt to pay something like a Tip Jar. It looks like this:

Typical Payment Popup Window

The payment window has 4 predefined buttons for amounts and a “suggested” tip that id showing in the input box labeled “O, choose amount:”. We allow you to easily configure them when you set up the price tiers. Instead of making you have to set each button’s price for each pricing tier, we automatically set the buttons as mutiples of the one price for the price tier.

You define the base price for the tier. In this example, it was set to L$100. So, that amount is shown in the input box as the “suggested tip” amount. The four buttons are multiples of that amount: 1X, 2X, 3X and 5X. That way the customer knows, he has to tip at least L$100, but can tip more. The customer can also enter in any amount.

Scenarios for Use

You can use this tip jar in a number of ways:

Generic Tips

You can set up one or more price tiers including a base tip price with no duration. Say you’re working in a place as a stripper and you just get generic tips. Maybe you go topless for tips of at least $250 and naked for tips of L$500. You could set your price tier up as follows:

  • Price1Name: GenericTips
  • Price1Price: L$250
  • Price2Duration: 0
  • Price2Lovense: no

Once you’ve set this up in the Config notecard, the tip jar will reset and load the new Config. The resulting Pay buttons will look like:

Payment Popup After Setting Pricing Tier to Generic Tips

So, you can see that the person can easily tip you at least L$250, but we also suggest L$500, $750, and $1250. The customer can also enter any amount.

You can configure up to 4 different pricing tiers, but only one can be active at any time. The performer, managers and owners can change the active price tier.

Why Do I Need Price Tiers?

Most performers have different rates for different activities. Often, you have to manage this manually by telling the client how much to pay, then keeping track of it yourself. Having price tiers allows you to more easily manage that.

Say you charge L$500 for lapdances without sex per 120 seconds. Maybe you also charge L$1000 for 300 seconds (eg 5 minutes) if SL sex is involved. If you turn on your Lovense toys, maybe you charge L$250 for 30 seconds. Lastly, if you add voice on top you raise your rates to L$500 for 30 seconds. If you had to set up each button for each of those, you would have a ton of fields to set up and manage.

Instead, we let you set up pricing tiers as follows:

  • Price1Name:GenericTips
  • Price1Price: L$250
  • Price2Duration: 0
  • Price2Lovense: no
  • Price2Name:SLSex
  • Price2Price: 1000
  • Price2Duration: 300
  • Price2Lovense: no
  • Price3Name:LovenseSex
  • Price3Price: 250
  • Price3Duration: 30
  • Price3Lovense: yes
  • Price4Name:LovenseVoice
  • Price4Price: 500
  • Price3Duration: 30
  • Price3Lovense: yes

So, that all goes in the Config file, and you can forget about it. You don’t ever have to manage it, unless you want to change rates.

When you are engaged with a client. Determine what the client wants (lapdances only, SL sex (including AFK sex scenarios), Sl sex with Lovense, or SL Sex with Lovense and Voice. Then, the performer sets the price tier to the right one.

Then the customer pays and, if there is a duration, a timer starts. If Lovense for the tier is yes, then the performer’s Lovense toys turn on and can be controlled by the customer using the furniture’s Lovense HUD. When the time runs out, the toys stop and the customer is prompted to pay more to play more.

Remember, the 4 buttons are set to multiples of the “minimum” price you configure for the pricing tier.

Config File

The Config file can be edited by the OWNER of the tip jar only. It consists of a set of keywords and key values.


Each line that begins with a “#” (octothorp or hash mark) is ignored, so you can use lines beginning with “#” for comments.


The fields in the tip jar follow this format:


A valid line begins with one of the predefined keywords followed by the “=” mark. Anything after the “=” mark is the key value.

Each line must end with a single semicolon, “;”.

Keywords Explained

Note: capitalization / case matters.


The debug keyword tells the tip jar scripts to print debugging information to the owner during operation. This is helpful when troubleshooting, but should be set to no under normal use.

Acceptable Values: yes/no


This sets the first line of text that is displayed above the tipjar. Typically this is the name of the club or something to identify it. You can think of this as the NAME of the tipjar. Note, this is NOT the name of the performer. When a performer signs in their name will be on the 2nd line just under the line containing tipjarText.

Acceptable Values: whatever you want to call it


This keyword is used to define if the sign-in function works for anyone (value = All) or only to members of the same group as the tip jar (value = Group).

Acceptable Values: Group or All


This keyword is used to define one or more, comma-separated names of people with manager rights. Use SL names, not display names. Separate the names with commas and do not put a comma at the very end. End the line with a semicolon, “;”.

Acceptable Values: comma-separated list of SL Names


This keyword is used to define the percentage of tips that go to the owner/house. Use positive whole numbers only.

Acceptable Values: any whole number from 0 to 100 (or 99 if using the Free model as 1% goes to Debauchery)


The config system supports up to 3 extra shares or cuts. You do not have to use any or all of them. if you don’t use them, it is best to comment them out entirely by putting a “#” in front of the text.


This field holds the UUID of a person who receives a share of the tips who is NOT the owner or performer. This could be used for sim partners, club managers, etc. You can get their UUID from their Profile. Only put a SINGLE UUID.

Acceptable Values: the UUID/key of the person assigned as a manager


The amount in whole numbers for the percentage share given to Cut1Key. This can be from 0 to 100 (or 99 if using the Free model). Note: the total of Owner Percentage and cuts 1 – 3 percentages cannot exceed 100 (or 99 if using the free model).

Cut2Key, Cut3Key

Same as Cut1Key but for up to 2 more people.

cut2Percentage, Cut3Percentage

Same as Cut1Percentage but for up to 2 more people.

Pricing Tiers

The configuration supports up to 4 pricing tiers, but you do not have to use them all.


Holds the Name or short description for the pricing tier. Try to make it logical and human readable, but only the first 11 to 12 characters will show up on any buttons. The full name shows up on the Rate Card.

where x = 1 to 4 for the for different tiers


The minimum or base price. This amount is placed in the input box on the payment menu and the first payment button. The other payment buttons are 2x, 3x and 5x this amount.


How many seconds does the person get for the corresponding price? Remember to express it in seconds. So, for 3 minutes, use 180. for 5 minutes use 300.


For this tier, is Lovense going to work?

Acceptable value: yes or no

Remember, each line must end in a single semicolon (“;”).

Editing the Config File

Only the Owner may edit the Config file

The owner can right-click on the TIP JAR, go to the Contents tab. Double-click on the file named Config and the Config editor screen appears. Make any changes and click SAVE. The tip jar will reset itself and load the new Config file.

Sample Config file

Note in the sample that the lines in the top half are all commented out. Those are provided as placeholders or examples. The lines at the bottom that do not have a “#” at the start of the line are being used.

Example Configs for Different Uses

Example1: Stripper no sex

In this example, the performer is a stripper. She never engages in sex and does not use Lovense toys or do voice. She will take any tips, but if you want her naked, she needs a tip of at least $250 to go topless and $500 to get naked. To assist with that, she sets it up with only 1 price tier as follows:

  • price1Name=Stripper Fees;
  • price1Duration=0;
  • price1Price=$250;
  • price1Lovense=no;

Since she only uses the one price tier, she doesn’t need to select tiers. The system defaults to price tier 1.

Example2: Stripper with Lapdances

This stripper has a similar setup to the first example, however, she also will do lapdances at $500 for 3 minutes. So, she will have the following Config setup:

  • price1Name=Stripper Fees;
  • price1Duration=0;
  • price1Price=250;
  • price1Lovense=no;
  • price2Name=Lapdances;
  • price2Duration=180;
  • price2Price=250;
  • price2Lovense=no;

So, when she’s on her stripper pole, she sets the pricing tier to Stripper Fees. When a client wants a lapdance, she gets off the pole, gets on the lapdance chair, and sets her pricing tier to Lapdances. When the client pays her, a timer starts. At the end of the timer, the client and performer are told TIME IS UP and the customer is prompted to pay more.

Example3: Escort with Lovense and Voice

In this model, the performer is an escort who offers three differently priced types of services:

  1. Straight Up SL Sex at $5000 for 30 minutes
  2. SL Sex with the perfomer using Lovense toys at $1000 per minute
  3. SL Sex with the performer using Lovense toys and Voice $2500 per 30 seconds

She would set up her configuration as follows:

  • price1Name=SL Sex;
  • price1Duration=1800;
  • price1Price=5000;
  • price1Lovense=no;
  • price2Name=Sex+Lovense;
  • price2Duration=60;
  • price2Price=1000;
  • price2Lovense=yes;
  • price3Name=LovenseVoice;
  • price3Duration=30;
  • price3Price=2500;
  • price3Lovense=yes;

So, the performer has to be sure to SELECT the right price tier before the customer pays.

Using the Tip Jar with Lovense

The performer sets up her Lovense toys to work with the furniture as usual. See this article on how to set up the Lovense toys to work with Debauchery furniture. The performer gets on the furniture with support for Debauchery Lovense System 2.0 and signs into the tip jar.

Tip Jar is open.. Nobody signed in.
  1. Left click on the tip jar. You will receive a menu. The items on the menu depend on your role. A customer and performer see only two buttons. Sign In and See Rate Card.
  2. From the popup menu click on Sign In.
    1. If the tip jar is set to access=Group only, then you must be in the same group as the tip jar
    2. If the tip jar is set to access=All, then you can sign in whether or not you are in the group
Tip Jar with Performer Signed In
  1. The performer discusses pricing with the perfomer. The perfomer can left click the tip jar and select SeeRateCard from the menu.
Price Tier    Name                   Duration Price  Lovense(Y/N)
Tier1:        GenericTips            0.00     L$250  no
Tier2:        SLSex NO Voice/Lovense 60.00    L$250  no
Tier3:        SLSex+Lovense          30.00    L$500  yes
Tier4:        SLSex+LovenseWithVoice 30.00    L$2000 yes
  1. The performer will determine which price tier to use, based on discussion with the client. Left click the tip jar and pick SelectTier. The tip jar will CYCLE through all configured pricing tiers. Click the Select Tier button until the desired price tier is active.
  2. The customer clicks on the furniture and finds/clicks on the LovenseHUD button to attach the automatic Lovense HUD (or optionally wears the stand-alone Lovense HUD if he/she owns one).
  3. The customer right clicks the tip jar and pays.
  4. The performer’s Lovense toy is now working. The customer can operate the toy using the buttons on the Lovense HUD.
  5. When time runs out, the tip jar stops the Lovense toy(s) and sends a message to both the customer and performer and suggests the cutomer pay more to play more.

Using the Tip Jar without Lovense

You can use the tip jar perfectly well without Lovense, however, it does not affect the playing of animations in the furniture, nor does it turn voice on or off. You have to manage that manually. The tip jar can and does turn Lovense support on and off for the performer, based on getting paid.

Menu Items

Here are all of the items in the menu that you could be by left clicking the tip jar:

Customer / Performer/Manager

See Rate Card – shows a list of the configured rate cards

Sign In – if group/all is set to group, the must be in the same group as tip jar

Signed in Performer / Manager

Select Tier

Sign Out – managers can select Sign Out to force the current performer to sign out. This is useful when the current performer logged out without signing out.

Manager / Owner

Reset – does a hard reset of the tip jar, forcing it to reload the Config file

Group/All – sets who can sign in, group members only or anyone (all).

Color Coded Text

We use different colors on the hover text to indicate different states.

White Text

White Hover Text

When the tip jar is reset or first rezzed, or when there is no performer signed in.

Red Text

Red Hover Text

When a performer is signed in, but there is no current tip. After a tip has expired, the color goes back to red. So, anytime you see RED text, you know you have a performer who is not being tipped.

Green Text

Green Hover Text

When a person tips, the hover text changes GREEN to show that the performer is earning money.

Suggestions & Requests Welcome

We want to evolve this product to meet your needs. If you have suggestions or requests for features let Bandor Tyrell (Bandor.Beningborough) know.

Save Your Aeros Cock Angle Adjustments

Do you have furniture where some of the Aeros cock adjustments are not quite where you need them? Ever get tired of having to adjust the cock every time you use that specific pose? What if your cock is very different than the one the furniture maker used when setting the angles… you have to adjust your cock on a lot of poses.

And the worst thing…

You can’t save them. Each time you go back to the pose, you have to adjust again.


We will teach you how to adjust and save your cock angles for the Aeros cocks. Yes, we know Aeros is out of business. But, many people still use the cocks.

For this to work you need a few things:

  1. Some furniture that has the Aeros Cock Integration already working, but where some poses are not where you want them to be.
  2. ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] – a notecard. Debauchery will send this out in a notice and you can always just create a notecard and give it this name: “** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON]”, ignoring the quotes. It doesn’t matter what’s inside the notecard, as the integration never checks. It just has to be named corrrectly to work.
  3. An Aeros v6 or higher cock.
  4. The Aeros Cock Hud for your version of your cock.
Aeros Cock and Hud

Step 1: Edit the furniture and go to the Contents Tab

Editing furniture and getting the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] notecard

Step 2: Create or Acquire the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] notecard. Make sure it is at least COPY YES.

Step 3: Drag and drop the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] notecard from your inventory into the Contents tab of the furniture you are editing.

Dropping the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] Notecard in Contents

Step 4: Your Aeros cock is now in EDIT MODE. Any and all adjustments made by all users of the furniture will be saved in memory and dumped out to local chat. This output is annoying, so you won’t keep it in EDIT MODE for long. Go through all the poses that need adjusting and just click on the HUD to adjust your cock.

Two lines of text print in local each time someone adjusts their cock.

Step 5: Ignore the output. You don’t need it. When you are done, all of your adjustments are saved in memory. They will not be lost unless you RESET SCRIPTS on this furniture, so DO NOT RESET SCRIPTS.

Step 6: Once you have adjusted all the poses you want, edit the furniture, go to the CONTENTS tab and DELETE the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] notecard. The furniture leaves EDIT MODE. Use the furniture normally and your saved cock angles. Note: you can even pick up and rezz the furniture again and the changes will not be lost.

How to Save Changes Permanently

If you want to be able to save the cock angle changes permanently, so that you can have them restored after a RESET SCRIPTS or to easily apply the same cock angles to furniture that has the same set of poses, then you need to create or update the data file where pose/cock angle data is saved.

The ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data notecard stores all of the pose/cock angle data. The one that comes with the furniture is usually NO MOD, so you cannot edit it and save your changes. Instead, create a new notecard in your inventory named ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data, and save your updated pose/cock data in it.

Here’s how:

Step 1: While the furniture is in Edit Mode (see above) double click on the WHITE pearl-like button for cumming. Make sure you DOUBLE click it. The Aeros integration will DUMP out all the pose data to local chat.

Dumping Aeros Cock Pose / Cock Angle Data

Step 2: Copy all of the lines of output BETWEEN this line:

(æ) === COPY-PASTE to "** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data" === Records: <some number>

and this line:

    (æ) FreeMem: [ 13K ] Extra DBs: [ 0 ] APIScript: [ OK ] Edit Mode: [ ON ] Recording: [ ON ].

Step 3: Paste the copied lines into the “** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data” you created. Make sure this file is at least COPY YES if not full perm.

Step 4: Edit the furniture. Go to the Contents Tab. When it is loaded, find, click on to select, and DELETE the existing “** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data” notecard from the furniture.

Step 5: Drag and drop the NEW “** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data” from your inventory into the contents tab of the furniture you are editing. Note: you can use this notecard in ANY furniture that uses the same poses with the same names.

Step 6: The Aeros Integration will load the new data file.

Step 7: Edit the furniture, go to the contents tab and when it has loaded, find, click on and DELETE the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] to go out of Edit Mode.

The Sexiest Kitchen

The Debauchery Rustic Kitchen Deluxe Edition is now on sale on both Marketplace and at our In World Store.

This is a modular set of 14 pieces that you can put together to build out your own custom kitchen. Includes sex poses for 4 (two male and two female) on the main cabinets, a sex refrigerator and stove, working doors, drawers, etc.

Also included is the new Lovense System 2.0 to control Lovense-brand sex toys for all users using our new Lovense HUD.

Debauchery Lovense Hud

Beginning with the second generation Debauchery Lovense System, Debauchery Lovense-enabled furniture will off you two ways to interact with the Lovense toys.

  1. Legacy Method
  2. Debauchery Lovense Hud

Legacy Method

The original Debauchery Lovense System gave you one way to adjust the toy operations. You could click on the << Softer and Harder>> buttons on the furniture menus to increase the speed and power of the vibrations. This method worked well, but had several limitations. It did not give you a way to access other features of the toys, like rotation, air suction, and built-in patterns. Also, if you applied the Lovense system to furniture that did not have multispeed poses, then the << Softer and Harder>> buttons were not included.

Debauchery Lovense System v2.0 still supports this method, but we changed what it does.

Now, when you click << SOFTER, the intensity or “power” level of the vibrations decreases by one step. If you reach 0, the toy stops vibrating. It does nothing to rotation or suction.

If you click Harder >>, the power level of the vibrations increases by one step.

The vibration levels now go from 0 to 20 on supported toys. If your toy does not go that high, you will not notice any changes above the max for your toy, but others with toys that support 20 levels will.

You can use this method as a HUD-free method of changing vibration levels.

Debauchery Lovense HUD

The big thing with the new Debauchery Lovense System v2.0 is the introduction of the Debauchery Lovense HUD to give you full control over all the features of all the toys that may be used by people on the furniture.

The Debauchery Lovense HUD v1.0.2

Debauchery will provide the Debauchery Lovense HUD in three ways:

  1. Auto-attaching Hud
  2. Standalone Hud for furniture only
  3. Standalone Hud for both furniture and the ability to play without furniture (COMING SOON)

Auto-Attaching Hud

Furniture made for the Debauchery Lovense System v2.0 will include the HUD as a rezzable item that can auto-attach to your avatar. Included in the menus for the furniture is a button labeled “LovenseHUD”. Simply click this button to attach the Hud.

Note: you still need to use the LoveBridge Hud (see How To Connect Debauchery Furniture to Your Real-Life Lovense Sex Toys) to connect the furniture to your toys.

The functions of the auto-attaching and standalone Hud for furniture are identical.

Standalone Hud for Furniture

The Standalone version of the hud will be provided inside the box of furniture, and in a HUD Giver object that you can rezz nearby for people to click on to get their own copy of the standalone hud. The Standalone hud will be NO MOD, COPY YES, TRANS YES, so that you can share it and give it to anyone who wants one.

HUD Functions

The Debauchery Lovense HUD has two modes in one: minimized and maximized. Each style has a corresponding triangular button at the top to switch between minimized and maximized modes. The Minimized mode only allows you to adjust the vibration level for all users on the furniture in steps of 1 or 5, up and down, from 0 (off) to 20 (max).

Minimized HUD

Large buttons change the Vibration level by steps of 5, up and down. Small buttons change the vibration level by steps or 1, up and down, from 0 (off) to 20 (max)

The small triangle in the upper right corner switches to the maximized HUD.

The Maximized HUD

This mode has all the functions available on all toys. Note, not all toys do all the functions.

You can raise and lower vibration intensity (all toys), rotation speed (Nora), and suction speed (Max).

You can also pick one of 4 pre-built patterns to play on supporting toys.

Lastly, you have 3 buttons that only affect you, not everyone to stop, play and pause messages to YOUR toy.

List of Functions:

  1. Minimize/Maximize
  2. Vibration intensity UP by 5
  3. Vibration intensity DOWN by 5
  4. Vibration intensity UP by 1
  5. Vibration intensity DOWN by 1
  6. Rotation Speed UP by 5
  7. Rotation Speed DOWN by 5
  8. Rotation Speed UP by 1
  9. Rotation Speed DOWN by 1
  10. Reverse direction of rotation
  11. Air Suction on Max 2 UP by 1
  12. Air Suction on Max 2 DOWN by 1
  13. Play Pattern 1
  14. Play Pattern 2
  15. Play Pattern 3
  16. Play Pattern 4
  17. Stop Personal Button
  18. Play Personal Button
  19. Pause Personal Button
  20. Mute Button

Minimize / Maximize

Click on the small triangle near the top to switch between minimize and maximize.

Vibration Intensity Up and Down

Click on the larger buttons to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations for all of the people on the furniture from 0 (off) to 20 (max), in steps of either 5 (larger buttons) or 1 (smaller buttons).

Varying intensity of vibrations

Rotation Speed Up and Down

The Lovense Nora toy has the ability to vibrate and rotate. These buttons only affect users of the Nora toy.

Lovense Nora in Use
Lovense Nora

Click on the larger buttons to increase or decrease the speed of the rotation for all of the people on the furniture using the Noral toy from 0 (off) to 20 (max), in steps of either 5 (larger buttons) or 1 (smaller buttons).

Note: these buttons only affect users of the Nora toy.

Reverse Direction of Rotation

This button toggles between clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation for all of the Nora users on the furniture. It has no effect on people not using Nora.

Air Suction Speed Up and Down

The Max 2 toy has the ability to vibrate AND o apply a variable-speed suction effect. These buttons only work for users with MAX 2 toys connected.

Max 2 In Use

Click on the larger buttons to increase or decrease the speed of the rotation for all of the people on the furniture using the Noral toy from 0 (off) to 20 (max), in steps of either 5 (larger buttons) or 1 (smaller buttons).

Note: these buttons only affect users of the Nora toy.

Play Built-in Patterns 1 – 4

Pre-built Patterns

Most Lovense toys include the ability to play four pre-built patterns. You can activate them for all users on the furniture, with toys that support them, by clicking on one of the four pattern buttons. In testing, we found that some toys need you to set the vibration to at least level 1 before clicking on a pattern.

Personal Buttons

The three buttons at the bottom of the Debauchery Lovense Hud are personal buttons that only affect the person who clicks on them and NOT everyone else on the furniture. The buttons are:

  • Stop
  • Play
  • Pause

Stop Button

This button sets YOUR toy into silent mode. While this button is on, it turns RED on the HUD so that you know it is active. While active, your toy does not receive any messages from the furniture and your toy stops vibration, rotating, and sucking. You can use this as a PANIC BUTTON for things like needing to shut off your toy without affecting the other people. You can continue to click the other buttons to control other people’s toys, but yours stays “silent.”.

To resume your toy operation, click the Play button.

Play Button

The PLAY button is the default state of the HUD and toy when you first put it on. This allows your toy to operate without intervention when you first use it. The Play Button is GREEN when active. While it is active, your toy(s) operate normally and receive messages from the furniture.

Pause Button

The PAUSE button is used to temporarily stop all messages to your toy, without affecting the other users. After ten seconds, it automatically reverts to PLAY mode. While paused, the Pause button will be Purple and the PLAY button white. You can click Play at any time to go back to Play mode, but you don’t have to. After 10 seconds, it will go back on its own.

Why use this button?

Say you’re about to climax but you want to wait for the other users to catch up. Simply hit Pause and your toy tops buzzing for ten seconds, then turns back on. If you need more time, hit it again.

Mute Button

The Lovense System notifies users when buttons are clicked, levels are changed, etc. For example, when you click the up and down buttons, you’ll see messages in local chat about the levels changing. These messages are only sent to the people seated on the furniture, to not spam the local area. If you don’t want to get so many messages, you can enable/disable the messages by clicking the MUTE button. Clicking it once disables most Lovense-related chat messages. Clicking the MUTE button again turns them back on.

Attaching & Detaching The Hud

The Auto-attaching hud will automatically attach any time you click the LovenseHUD button while seated on properly configured and equipped Debauchery Furniture or furniture from other vendors using the Debauchery Lovense System.

The auto-attaching hud detaches on its own if you stand up. If it does not detach you can simply right click it and pick detach. To reattach it, go to the furniture menu and pick LovenseHUD again.

For the standalone HUD, simply go to your inventory, right click the standalone HUD and pick Attach. To detach, right click the HUD on your display and pick Detach, from the pie menu.

How to Connect Debauchery Lovense Furniture to Your Real-Life Lovense Sex Toys

Combine Real-life Sex Toys with Debauchery Furniture in SecondLife

You now have the amazing ability to connect and control your and other people’s real-life sex toys from Lovense to SecondLife and use them while having sex in SL. While your avatars have virtual sex in SecondLife, you and your RL partner experience synchronized sensations with your Lovense-brand sex toys.

It’s simple to set up and AMAZING to use!

The Connection Flow

Communication Flow from Furniture to Toy

As you can see, there are four parts to the communication flow:

  1. One or more Lovense-brand toys
  2. The Lovense Connect App (not Lovense Remote)
  3. The LoveBridge Hud
  4. Debauchery-brand sex furniture in SecondLife

The furniture does not know anything about your toys or how to talk to them. But, the furniture can send silent messages to your Avatar and anything worn on your avatar, like a HUD, while you are seated on it. So, the furniture sends messages to YOUR AVATAR. The messages are sent to all attachments you are wearing. The LoveBridge HUD must be worn to take the messages the furniture sends and RELAY them to the Lovense Connect App.

Connecting Your Toy to the Furniture

Security in the Lovense Connect app won’t let just anybody send messages to your toys. Users have to have permission to connect and be authorized. And, since we don’t want your username or any other credentials to be shown, we have to make this connection in a secure, safe and hidden way.

Fortunately, the Lovense Connect App provides a way to do this.

Lovense Connect App with 1 Connected Toy

Once you have connected your toy(s) to the Lovense Connect app, you can touch Scan QR code to allow your connected toys to be connected to the Lovense Connect app. You need to get a QR code from LoveBridge that will let you connect.

LoveBridge Hud & QR Code

LoveBridge comes in two ways:

  1. Standalone HUD – you can buy this on Marketplace. It gives you a hud that you can use any time you want and works with our furniture. If you have this you don’t need to use #2.
  2. Temporary HUD – this is obtained by clicking on a Debauchery Lovense Relay Hub kiosk in world. When you click on it, you get two things:
    1. A Link in local chat to a QR code that you scan with the Lovense Connect app.
    2. The LoveBridge HUD attaches to your screen.
The LoveBridge HUD attached to the screen

Debauchery provides the Debauchery Lovense Relay Hub kiosk with all Lovense-enabled Debauchery Furniture. Sims will set the kiosk out, near furniture that uses it. You only need to do this once per furniture. You can get up and move from one furniture to another without rescanning the QR code. It is good for quite a while. You only need to re-scan the QR if it times out. If so, click the Kiosk again the get a new QR code to scan.

Debauchery Lovense Relay Hub v2.1

Once you click the Debauchery Lovense Relay Hub, you then click the link in local chat to see the QR Code. Use your Lovense Connect App to Scan the QR Code you see in your browser after clicking the link in local chat.

Lovense Connect App after scanning QR Code.

Touch Yes to authorize LoveBridge to control your toy(s).

You are now connected and ready to use the furniture and have your toys work.

Debauchery Swingers Kitchen Island Now On Sale

Debauchery Furniture is proud to announce the release of its hottest new item! The Debauchery Swingers Kitchen Island!

Seats 1 to 4 sexy people: 2 male and 2 female. Has poses for solo users to sit, socialize, stand, work, and masturbate. It features some of the HOTTEST and SEXIEST poses made specifically for the P Physics Cock and Bento Vagina from ASA/iPro.


Features include:

  • 8 LI – 330 Poses – 1000+ Animations
  • Controls real-life Lovense brand sex toys for all users, male and female
  • Filled with custom poses that animate the Physics cock and Bento vagina without requiring adjustment
  • Social, eating & drinking poses for all four
  • Cuddles
  • Sex poses with automated sequences
  • MF Couples – two independent menus let each couple do their own thing
  • Easy swapping of partners or gender
  • MFM and FMF Threesomes
  • 12 Lesbian and 12 Gay poses
  • MFMF Foursome poses
  • Face animations
  • Texture changer with tons of options for all parts. Change the theme to change everything, or mix and match by changing each part – Click the SINK to get menu
  • It’s NOT Mine!
  • Still supporting Aeros even though it is out of business


Available In World or on Marketplace. Remember, you always save at least 20% buying it in world.

New Release! Debauchery Ultimate Glory Hole!

Debauchery Furniture, in association with MetaverseX, is proud to announce the release of our FIRST EVER, 4-person glory hole!

Debauchery Ultimate Glory Hole

We looked around SL and saw the glory holes that were in use. Most are older models with limited integrations and old, pre-bento poses. Most only support two people and have very limited roleplaying possibilities. So, just like we did with our swingers’ furniture, we stepped back and said… “what would we want in a glory hole?”

The result: Debauchery Ultimate Glory Hole! Why Ultimate? Our glory hole uses the best and newest possible animations, many of which are multi-speed and designed for the Physics cock. Then, we added all our bells and whistles, including:

  • Lovense sex toy operation, for all users
  • Physics Cock & Bento Vagina operation
  • Aeros Cock, including Apollo
  • It’s NOT Mine for all users
  • Sex Sounds (for ASA users)
  • Face anims (for ASA users)
  • Custom mesh with texture changer and high quality textures
  • Ability to hide or show the hole cover
  • Support for up to 4 users, with three and four-somes
  • BDSM support for those who want to take it to the next level
  • Cuckold roleplay, including bisexual poses

The Glory Hole is perfect for sex sims, clubs or even private residences where you want some very naughty roleplay. The texture changer allows it to be customized for almost any location.

L$1599 and it is available in-world and at Marketplace, but remember, as always, you save 20% by buying it at our in-world location:

Camping Orgy Anyone?

Debauchery Furniture is proud to announce the release of its first ever orgy campfire set. It features a gorgeous set of 4 seating areas for 2 people (one male & one female) at each location, a fire that can be turned on and off, texture changers for the cushions, as well as all of our standard features.

  • Features include:
    • Operate Lovense-brand sex toys on all sex poses for all users, both male and female!
    • Aeros Cock integration, including Aeros Apollo
    • P Physics Cock Integration
    • V Bento Vagina Integration
    • Face animations for users of the Physics Cock and Bento Vagina HUDs
    • Bento face animations for everyone else
    • It’s NOT Mine and It’s NOT All Mine integrations

This campfire features solo poses for all 8 users, including sits and masturbation poses. It also features couples poses for each of the four male/female couples. But, you can also mix it up and have the girls play by themselves with a variety of hot lesbian poses. Not to be outdone, the men, if so inclined, can also play with a set of gay poses.

If things get really hot, you can mix it up even more with both a Guy-Girl-Guy and Girl-Guy-Girl threesome at the same time! You can even get everyone involved in two simultaneous four-person orgies! can get this product in our in world store or on Marketplace.