Had a friend invite me over today for drinks, so who am I to say no to a hot guy and drinks? Not me! Didn’t take long before I realized this was the Debauchery bar! Well, it was game on from there as I took the menu and started with a very sexy bar top dance…and then he served me his cocktini many different ways! The poses as always, are premium and smooth with many in each category. Many different textures to fit any décor. This bar is 5 sugarsmacks easily. Enjoy the visual stimulation and make sure you have this set for your next party! Many thanks to Yams for being such a fun bartender for me today!!

Maui Orgy

There’s no better way to burn up some of them holiday calories then a Maui orgy!! Over 60 people on the sim today pleasuring each other. I took some random shots of the action. Enjoy!!

Jenny and Trouble do the Boho

Tried the orgy last week and it made 6 people fuck like rabbits for a good couple hours, and honestly, I was at it for the rest of the afternoon, this girl was sexed UP. So naturally, it was couple time on this beautiful sofa..let me just say that it was a multiple orgasm morning for this sugarsmack. Thanks to the sexy Trouble for flipping me all over this sofa and manhandling me just how I love!

I HIGHLY recommend you add the Boho sofa to your SL sex life. It fits any home décor and whether your a sexy swinger and love orgy Mondays or just a couple, there’s so many sexy, delicious poses on this menu, you wont get bored no time soon!

Add this sofa to your Christmas list! My rating is 5 out of 5 sugarsmacks and 10 boners!

starting out. so many cuddle options, not like get on and just start banging, great cuddles
smearing some spit on the cock…mmmmm, such a yummy cock too
gag time……rawr
My turn……holyyyyyyyyyyy fuuuuuuuu…….
bounce me like a dollie

Boho orgy time

True to my word, I rounded up some sexyass maui members and had to try out the new boho sofa. This truly did turn out to be a day of smashing like teenage horndogs. Please enjoy the visuals. Special thanks to Victoria Summerset, Aida, Barbie Morningstar, Sean and Wolf for such a great afternoon in true Maui fashion!

Bohemian Swingers Sectional

Starting off, let me proudly state them yes, I am an SL expert on adult furnishings and toys. I have invested much time and money towards my masturbation kink also known as SL. This girl knows her furniture. I am a stickler (no pun intended) for details, textures and last but not least…animations! The more real, the better for me….you too huh! Debauchery has gone above and beyond on this piece. The textures are simply vibrant and stunning, with a multitude of colors and patterns…..gorgeous darling, gorgeous!!! Now the good stuff. If these animations don’t make your cock hard or the cooter-muffin juicy and wet, nothing will! The transitions from one pose to the next is smooth and natural. The poses are quality boner givers…I went through just one page of man on top and found myself kicked back with a vibe on my clit, three poses later, I’m cumming.. (neighbors are used to random shrieks day or night at my house) Job well done Debauchery!  I look forward to reviewing all their products and more orgasmic bliss. My rating: 5 out of 5 sugarsmacks