Debauchery Swingers Kitchen Island Now On Sale

Debauchery Furniture is proud to announce the release of its hottest new item! The Debauchery Swingers Kitchen Island!

Seats 1 to 4 sexy people: 2 male and 2 female. Has poses for solo users to sit, socialize, stand, work, and masturbate. It features some of the HOTTEST and SEXIEST poses made specifically for the P Physics Cock and Bento Vagina from ASA/iPro.


Features include:

  • 8 LI – 330 Poses – 1000+ Animations
  • Controls real-life Lovense brand sex toys for all users, male and female
  • Filled with custom poses that animate the Physics cock and Bento vagina without requiring adjustment
  • Social, eating & drinking poses for all four
  • Cuddles
  • Sex poses with automated sequences
  • MF Couples – two independent menus let each couple do their own thing
  • Easy swapping of partners or gender
  • MFM and FMF Threesomes
  • 12 Lesbian and 12 Gay poses
  • MFMF Foursome poses
  • Face animations
  • Texture changer with tons of options for all parts. Change the theme to change everything, or mix and match by changing each part – Click the SINK to get menu
  • It’s NOT Mine!
  • Still supporting Aeros even though it is out of business


Available In World or on Marketplace. Remember, you always save at least 20% buying it in world.

New Release! Debauchery Ultimate Glory Hole!

Debauchery Furniture, in association with MetaverseX, is proud to announce the release of our FIRST EVER, 4-person glory hole!

Debauchery Ultimate Glory Hole

We looked around SL and saw the glory holes that were in use. Most are older models with limited integrations and old, pre-bento poses. Most only support two people and have very limited roleplaying possibilities. So, just like we did with our swingers’ furniture, we stepped back and said… “what would we want in a glory hole?”

The result: Debauchery Ultimate Glory Hole! Why Ultimate? Our glory hole uses the best and newest possible animations, many of which are multi-speed and designed for the Physics cock. Then, we added all our bells and whistles, including:

  • Lovense sex toy operation, for all users
  • Physics Cock & Bento Vagina operation
  • Aeros Cock, including Apollo
  • It’s NOT Mine for all users
  • Sex Sounds (for ASA users)
  • Face anims (for ASA users)
  • Custom mesh with texture changer and high quality textures
  • Ability to hide or show the hole cover
  • Support for up to 4 users, with three and four-somes
  • BDSM support for those who want to take it to the next level
  • Cuckold roleplay, including bisexual poses

The Glory Hole is perfect for sex sims, clubs or even private residences where you want some very naughty roleplay. The texture changer allows it to be customized for almost any location.

L$1599 and it is available in-world and at Marketplace, but remember, as always, you save 20% by buying it at our in-world location:

Camping Orgy Anyone?

Debauchery Furniture is proud to announce the release of its first ever orgy campfire set. It features a gorgeous set of 4 seating areas for 2 people (one male & one female) at each location, a fire that can be turned on and off, texture changers for the cushions, as well as all of our standard features.

  • Features include:
    • Operate Lovense-brand sex toys on all sex poses for all users, both male and female!
    • Aeros Cock integration, including Aeros Apollo
    • P Physics Cock Integration
    • V Bento Vagina Integration
    • Face animations for users of the Physics Cock and Bento Vagina HUDs
    • Bento face animations for everyone else
    • It’s NOT Mine and It’s NOT All Mine integrations

This campfire features solo poses for all 8 users, including sits and masturbation poses. It also features couples poses for each of the four male/female couples. But, you can also mix it up and have the girls play by themselves with a variety of hot lesbian poses. Not to be outdone, the men, if so inclined, can also play with a set of gay poses.

If things get really hot, you can mix it up even more with both a Guy-Girl-Guy and Girl-Guy-Girl threesome at the same time! You can even get everyone involved in two simultaneous four-person orgies! can get this product in our in world store or on Marketplace.

New Release! Bohemian Swingers Sectional Sofa Set

This could very well be our best product to date. The Bohemian Swingers Sectional using our new 2019 Swingers Sectional Sofa Engine features positions for 4 users (normally 2 female and 2 male ) with full sits and naughty masturbation poses, sleeping poses for couple 1. It also has full couples menus for 2 couples, lesbian poses for the 2 women, MMF and FFM threesomes, foursomes and a ton of Bento poses.

It includes a texture changer with 10 premade themes from Bohemian to more subdued textures and colors as well. You can also mix and match by changing the pillows, blanket or sofa. The optional CURTAIN is a separate object that you rezz and place over the sofa. it has it’s own TEXTURE changer.



  • 13 LI All Mesh 
  • 323 poses – 607 animations, including all new bento animations 
  • includes hetero, lesbian, MMF and FFM threesomes and foursomes 
  • -Texture Changer with tons of gorgeous texture options for the sofa, blanket and pillows 
  • Aeros cock integration 
  • It’s NOT Mine! Body Cum System Integration 
  • Bohemian / Boho Style Themes


  • 6 LI All Mesh 
  • Texture Changer with tons of gorgeous texture options (click on it) 
  • Bohemian / Boho Style Themes

Oral Sex Lovers Stool:

  • 4 LI All Mesh 
  • 46 Poses / 90 Animations 
  • Fingering and Oral Sex for Her 
  • Oral Sex for Him 
  • Couple only 
  • Bento Poses


  • 2 LI 
  • Texture Changer (click on it)

Sofa Poses:

Solo Female

– Sits 
– Laying 
– Naughty (masturbation)

Solo Male

– Sits 
– Laying 
– Naughty (masturbation)

Couples (MF)

– Cuddles 
– Foreplay 
– Oral for Her 
– Oral for Him 
– Guy on Top 
– Girl on Top 
– From Behind 
– Cumshots



– Cuddles 
– Sex


– Cuddles 
– Sex

– Sex

Placing The Sofa

Rezz the sofa. You may find that it is very low and your feet poke through the floor. That is because the animations were made for a slightly taller sofa. To resolve this, simply edit the sofa and raise it until your feet are no longer in the floor.

Placing The Curtain

Rezz the sofa. Then Rezz the Curtain. The balls at the bottoms of the tassles should be above the floor. It should be placed over the sofa so that there is about the same distance from the sofa to the balls on both sides. It is made to be aligned near the BACK of the sofa, so that it is over the pillows and the back half of the sofa.

Texture Changing


You can change the textures in two ways:

1) Click on the Rear LEFT pillow to get the texture menus whether seated or standing 
2) Pick TEXTURE from the top level menu when seated

Once you access the texture menu, pick a category and then pick a texture option. The categories are:

– THEME – changes the sofa, blanket, pillows together 
– Blanket – changes only the blanket 
– Pillows – changes all of the pillows together 
– Sofa – changes all parts of the sofa, but not the blanket or pillows


The curtain contains about a dozen or so textures. Some are designed to go with the THEMES of the sofa, like Crazy or Velvet. You can pick and choose the textures you want to use to match the sofa. Just click on the curtain and pick the CURTAIN menu option, then pick the right texture you want.


It comes with 3 styles. Click it and pick Wood 1 or Wood 2.

Swapping Positions

The furniture comes with easy to use menu called Swaps that allows you to easily swap any user to any other position on the sofa.


For assistance, contact Bandor Tyrell (bandor.beningborough)

New Product! The Lovers Deck Lounger

new product pick

The Debauchery Lovers Deck Lounger

The all-new Debauchery Lovers Deck Lounger is designed to meet the needs of the sexy couple. This design features sitting and laying poses for 1 male and 1 female, along with a ton of great cuddles, foreplay, oral sex, and fucking poses.

Unlike our SWINGERS line, the LOVERS line has no threesomes or foursomes and is just for a straight couple.