Save Your Aeros Cock Angle Adjustments

Do you have furniture where some of the Aeros cock adjustments are not quite where you need them? Ever get tired of having to adjust the cock every time you use that specific pose? What if your cock is very different than the one the furniture maker used when setting the angles… you have to adjust your cock on a lot of poses.

And the worst thing…

You can’t save them. Each time you go back to the pose, you have to adjust again.


We will teach you how to adjust and save your cock angles for the Aeros cocks. Yes, we know Aeros is out of business. But, many people still use the cocks.

For this to work you need a few things:

  1. Some furniture that has the Aeros Cock Integration already working, but where some poses are not where you want them to be.
  2. ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] – a notecard. Debauchery will send this out in a notice and you can always just create a notecard and give it this name: “** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON]”, ignoring the quotes. It doesn’t matter what’s inside the notecard, as the integration never checks. It just has to be named corrrectly to work.
  3. An Aeros v6 or higher cock.
  4. The Aeros Cock Hud for your version of your cock.
Aeros Cock and Hud

Step 1: Edit the furniture and go to the Contents Tab

Editing furniture and getting the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] notecard

Step 2: Create or Acquire the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] notecard. Make sure it is at least COPY YES.

Step 3: Drag and drop the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] notecard from your inventory into the Contents tab of the furniture you are editing.

Dropping the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] Notecard in Contents

Step 4: Your Aeros cock is now in EDIT MODE. Any and all adjustments made by all users of the furniture will be saved in memory and dumped out to local chat. This output is annoying, so you won’t keep it in EDIT MODE for long. Go through all the poses that need adjusting and just click on the HUD to adjust your cock.

Two lines of text print in local each time someone adjusts their cock.

Step 5: Ignore the output. You don’t need it. When you are done, all of your adjustments are saved in memory. They will not be lost unless you RESET SCRIPTS on this furniture, so DO NOT RESET SCRIPTS.

Step 6: Once you have adjusted all the poses you want, edit the furniture, go to the CONTENTS tab and DELETE the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] notecard. The furniture leaves EDIT MODE. Use the furniture normally and your saved cock angles. Note: you can even pick up and rezz the furniture again and the changes will not be lost.

How to Save Changes Permanently

If you want to be able to save the cock angle changes permanently, so that you can have them restored after a RESET SCRIPTS or to easily apply the same cock angles to furniture that has the same set of poses, then you need to create or update the data file where pose/cock angle data is saved.

The ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data notecard stores all of the pose/cock angle data. The one that comes with the furniture is usually NO MOD, so you cannot edit it and save your changes. Instead, create a new notecard in your inventory named ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data, and save your updated pose/cock data in it.

Here’s how:

Step 1: While the furniture is in Edit Mode (see above) double click on the WHITE pearl-like button for cumming. Make sure you DOUBLE click it. The Aeros integration will DUMP out all the pose data to local chat.

Dumping Aeros Cock Pose / Cock Angle Data

Step 2: Copy all of the lines of output BETWEEN this line:

(æ) === COPY-PASTE to "** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data" === Records: <some number>

and this line:

    (æ) FreeMem: [ 13K ] Extra DBs: [ 0 ] APIScript: [ OK ] Edit Mode: [ ON ] Recording: [ ON ].

Step 3: Paste the copied lines into the “** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data” you created. Make sure this file is at least COPY YES if not full perm.

Step 4: Edit the furniture. Go to the Contents Tab. When it is loaded, find, click on to select, and DELETE the existing “** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data” notecard from the furniture.

Step 5: Drag and drop the NEW “** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** Data” from your inventory into the contents tab of the furniture you are editing. Note: you can use this notecard in ANY furniture that uses the same poses with the same names.

Step 6: The Aeros Integration will load the new data file.

Step 7: Edit the furniture, go to the contents tab and when it has loaded, find, click on and DELETE the ** Aeros AVsitter Plugin ** EditMode [ON] to go out of Edit Mode.