Sane Spirituality: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Development Without All The Nonsense

In 1931, one of the pioneers of the spiritual movement, Violet Firth, aka Dion Fortune, published a book called Sane Occultism. This was a collection of her thoughts and beliefs from over a lifetime of work in a wide variety of occult, esoteric and spiritual groups and systems. She spoke very directly about the nature of the path of seeking Light and how the path is littered with garbage. Her books served as a guide through the lies, fantasies and misinterpretations to  help the traveler find truth and achieve success, while maintaining their sanity amid a world of made-up nonsense. In the intervening 80+ years, we have learned much more about our spiritual nature, but the amount of garbage along the path is greater than ever before. Sane Spirituality pays homage to Dion Fortune’s work, while bringing it forward into the modern age.

“An immense mass of verbiage has gathered around the Sacred Science since Mme Blavatsky drew back the curtain of the Sanctuary, and the Theosophical Society sought to popularise the ancient Mystery teaching. Imagination, freed from the bonds of proof, has had free rein, and scoffers have found ample material that was legitimate game for their comments.

The pseudo-occultism of the present day, with its dubious psychism, wild theorising, and evidence that cannot stand up to the most cursory examination, is but the detritus which accumulates around the base of the Mount of Vision. All such worthless rubbish is not worth the powder and shot of argument; in order to form a just estimate of the Sacred Science we must study originals, and try to penetrate the minds of the great mystics and illuminati whose works bear evidence of first-hand knowledge of the supersensible worlds.” – Dion Fortune, Sane Occultism, 1931.

Sane Spirituality is a guidebook through the perils and pitfalls of the road to enlightenment. It seeks to help seekers protect themselves from charlatans, false profits and idiots to glean the truth and find their own path to their Higher Self and  unification with the Universal Light that is inside us and all around us.  We will do our best to debunk the nonsense and filter out the bullshit, so that we can help you find the things that work and avoid the things that don’t.

It is somewhat ironic that in a field that is supposed to be about improving our species and becoming better, more enlightened beings, free from the limits of our egos, that so many so-called enlightened people are the most egotistical, self-centered and arrogant people on the planet. It is also ironic that a movement that proclaims that we should disregard the superstitions and fantasies that make up the underpinnings of traditional religion, only replace them with new superstitions and fantasies. While telling you to ignore made-up bullshit, they feed you new made-up bullshit and tell you to believe it instead!

So many people on this planet are not independent thinkers. So many of us just want to follow others and to be told what to think and what to believe. The New Age movement is no different. It if filled with books, blogs, videos and podcasts that just regurgitate the same bullshit. If enough people repeat the same false information and buy into it, then sooner or later that bit of bullshit becomes doctrine. That’s the state of the esoteric world in 2018.

How can we find any truth at all when the truth is buried under thousands of years of imagined fantasies? The answer is very simple, but hard to implement. Over time, we hope to help everyone find the truth and how to achieve success in their spiritual pursuits, free from the nonsense, made-up fantasies and rantings of con artists and nuts.

There are some simple rules to follow:

  1. Don’t believe anything you read in a blog, book, internet, group, chat room, or anywhere, including here.
  2. Anything that sounds silly, is generally silly.
  3. Don’t accept pseudo-science as science.
  4. Don’t accept channeled revelations as reality.
  5. Don’t do anything because someone says to.
  6. Don’t listen to me.
  7. The only way to know if something is true is to see for yourself. Experience is the greatest teacher and validator of truth.
  8. Don’t believe your own experiences, as you will lie to yourself. Then, if you believe your own lies, you’ll tell them to others. If enough people believe you, you’ll get your own YouTube channel. Sooner or later, you’ll write a book or get your own TV Show. You’ll end up strung out on drugs, dating hookers and bilking people of billions in donations.
  9. Take nothing very seriously, especially here.
  10. Spiritual paths are like  diets. They all work, for a while. But, the best diet, that is guaranteed to work for everyone is eat fewer calories than you burn. The same is true for spiritual development, practice and experience are the guaranteed ways to grow.

So, hopefully, you can tell that Sane Occultism will be taking a light-hearted, humor-infused way to get its point across. We have to be able to make fun of ourselves. Rule #9 is really the most important one. Being able to master it is a great key to spiritual development.

I look forward to following this path forward together. Let’s wander the path and find the Light, keeping each other out of the bogs and quagmires. Use the comments to provide your thoughts and feedback and help us stay true.

Yours in Light,